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Hungarian resources and links

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Hungarian dictionaries and translators

A word about using online dictionaries and translators. These are helpful to remind you of a word that you already know. However, I strongly warn against trying to learn a new word using an online dictionary. This is for two reasons.

  • You don't know the context. A word might have several translations and you might pick the wrong one.
  • Dictionaries that are publically-editable are often full of mistakes.

Regarding translators, these can be helpful for checking you work (run it though the translators and it will bring to your attention spelling mistakes or missing accents), but are limited in the ability to translate accuraltely. Sometimes they translate too literally.
Daniel recommends WebForditas.hu......


An excellent translator and dictionary. At the time of writing, the website if suffering some bugs with the interface, but the translation engine itself is wonderful. If you click their dictonary tab, and the page doesn't work (an example of their bug), try using this direct link: Webforditas.hu online dictionary.
Unlike some other dictionaries, it's unforgiving with accents, but does have a useful "did you mean...?" feature.


Great dictionary, shame there is no English verion so that the novice can see what he's typing. It's forgiving of accents and will find several words that match what youve typed.

Sztaki Szótár

It's forgiving of accents and will find several words that match what youve typed, and even has the ability to specify what kind of match it shoudl make (partial, word prefix, any, etc). It contains expressions and idioms too.

However, the dictionary is full of crap that the general public have "helpfully" entered as a new translation (a feature that they have since disabled). Do not use this dictionary to learn a new word because it's so full of crap thar you might learn the wrong word.

Other online Hungarian resources

Meetup.com groups

Meetup is a website to bring together like minded people, whatever thier interest: chess, Hungarian, football, music, knitting, drinking....
There may be a Hungarian language group in your city, or a group for ex-Pats.
In Atlanta there is the The Atlanta Hungarian Language Meetup Group is comprised of young ex-Pats and families, and is a great place to practise your skills.

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