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Superlative adjectives in Hungarian: leg--abb

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The superlative ( definition) is formed by simply adding leg- to the start of the comparative ( definition). It's as easy as that.

See the comparative page for important notes about usage.

Some simple examples:

  • a legmagasabb vagyok. I am the tallest.
  • te a leglassúbb vagy. You are the slowest.
  • Ági a legszebb. Ági is the most beautiful.
  • a három kutya közül a legfiatalabb a legbutább. Of the three dogs, the youngest is the stupidest.

To take a superlative to the extreme, such as 'the very best', use the following affix instead of leg-.  Use: leges-

  • a legesjobb the very best

Here is a phrase that appears to be a superlative, but in English is not:

legalább at least

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