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About Daniel Clarke


I am a young British man living in America, working for a freight forwarding company, CargoWise edi. I'm a .Net developer and MSSQL programmer.
I like girls, beer, and smart people.
I dislike redneck morons.
I aspire to be Perry Cox from Scrubs, but end up being more like JD.

Early life

I was born in 1979, making me 44.9340270054303 years old.
In that time I have spent approx 2 years living in Lower Stondon, 21 years living in [Totternhoe], 5 years living in [London], and 2 years living in [Atlanta].

My education

See the main section on my [education].
I have a Master in Science degree in physics from Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, University of London (which has since turned all gay and is rebranding itself as Imperial College London and offering humanities courses).

I have four GCE A-Levels, three at grade A and one (gasp!) as grade B.


See the main section in [my jobs].
I have not had many full-time jobs, in fact only two: JAS, and as a temp for Luxury Timepeices UK (the formal name for a comany that answered the phone as Guuci Group).


Due to my being [single], my nuclear family still consists of my parents and sister, dispite the two children having flow the nest long ago.

My 'step-sisters' can hardly be described as being human, mostly because they are both canine. [Rolo and Jaffa] and my parents' new children.

My mother's side of our family is large and in total we are 8 cousins. Despite living a long way from the rest of my cousins, my sister's and my upbringing was relatively closely shared with two of these cousins, whom, along with their newest sister, I describe as being more like sisters than cousins to me.

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