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Relative and interrogative Hungarian adverbs

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Just like adjectives, adverbs that are not adverbs of manner can ask questions and add clarity in clauses.

Interrogative adverbs of place

Adverbs of place are the questions like "where?" and "whence?".

  • hol? where?
  • hová? whither (to where)?
  • honnan? whence (from where)?

For example: hol fénylik a nap? where does the sun shine?

Their corresponding non-interrogative forms are:

  • ahol where
  • ahová whither (to where) 
  • ahonnan whence (from where) 

For example: Szegedet, ahol fénylik a nap, a napos városnak hívják Szeged, where the sun shines, is called the sunshine city



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