A reference guide to Hungarian grammar, designed with English-speakers in mind

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Collapse GrammarGrammar
Collapse AdjectivesAdjectives
Absolute adjectives
Comparative: -abb
Superlative: leg-abb
Compared to
Equality: olyan mint
Examples of adjectives
Irregular adjectives
Collapse AdverbsAdverbs
Adverbal prefixes
Relative & interrogative
Adverbal participle: -va
Adverbs of number
Collapse NounsNouns
Accusative: -t
Dative: -nak/nek
Illative: -ba/be
Inessive: -ban/ben
Elative: -ból/ből
Allative: -hoz/hez/höz
Adessive: -nál/nél
Ablative: -tól/től
Sublative: -ra/re
Superessive: -n
Delative: -ról/ről
Instrumental: -val/vel
Causal-final: -ért
Terminative: -ig
Temporal: -kor
Translative: -vá/vé
Kinds of: -féle
Triads of movement
Nominative (subject)
Genitive (-é)
Collapse ParticiplesParticiples
Adverbal participle: -va
Present participle: -ó, ő
Past participle: -t
Collapse PossessionPossession
Single Objects
Multiple Objects
(Do) You have?
External Possession
Possessive pronouns
Attributive form
Collapse PronounsPronouns
Demonstrative pronouns
Interrogative pronouns
Personal pronouns
Relative pronouns
Reflexive pronouns (self)
Omitting pronouns
Collapse VerbsVerbs
Definite conjugation
Indefinite conjugation
Past tense
Future tense; two verbs
Repetition: -gat/get
Usually: szokott
Causative: -at/tat
Need/must: kell
Conditional: would
Permission -hat/het
Verbal prefexes
Splitting coverbs
Conjugation tables
Collapse Word-BuildingWord-Building
Making adverbs (-an/-ul)
Making nouns (-ás)
Making adjectives (-i)
Making adjectives (-s)
Making adjectives (-só)
Making verbs (-ít/-ul)
Making nouns (-ság)
Making nouns (-t)
Selecting one of (-ik)
Making nouns (-mány)
Making jobs (-ász)
Making adverbs (-lag)
Making verbs(-zik and -l)
Reflexive verbs (-kozik)
Collapse Misc grammarMisc grammar
The word 'van'
The word 'hogy'
Syntax & word order
Collapse Alphabet & pronunciationAlphabet & pronunciation
Hungarian alphabet
Lengthening vowels
Vowel harmony
Sound of Hungarian
Collapse Misc listsMisc lists
Countries & introductions
Collapse How to say....How to say....
I love you
Happy birthday
You are beautiful
Happy name-day
Greetings and basics
Collapse Hungarian resourcesHungarian resources
Find a Hungarian teacher
Hungarian courses
Book reviews
Using a dictionary
Name days
Links and other resources
How to study Hungarian
Collapse PoemsPoems
Szabó Lőrinc's Szeretlek
Babits' Fekete Ország
Collapse About usAbout us
What's new?
Thanks & shouts
Intended audience
Reason for writing
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Contact us
T&Cs & legal

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