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Thanks and acknowledgements

I would like to thanks the following people, in no particular order, for their help and encouragement in my studies of Hungarian and with the making of this site.

Dóri and Judit

Special thanks are extended to Dóri Patakfalvi and Judit Lizanecz for their help with the creation of the Hungarian alphabet and vowel sound files. No matter how acomplished one is, it is necessary to ask a native speaker to create these sounds, and Dóri and Judit were only too happy to help.

Online Hungarian aquaintances

I made several friends using the www.MyLanguageExchange.com website, most of whom were very helpful and patient. Of these Dóri was the most kind and helpful, and particularly patient. I extend my thanks to all the friends I made, but particularly to her.

I extend appreciatation to Rámona and others who helped to proof-read the site and to point out the many initial spelling errors.  I also thank István Sárándi and the users of various forums such as szanalmas.hu.

Teachers - Zsofi and Balazs

Zsofi was the the only person to answer my posts on the Atlanta Hungarian Language Meetup Group when I was seeking books to study alone and then a teacher. She taught me very well for about 2.5 months.

The organiser of the Meetup group, Anne Lynch, has in jest described me as a walking advertisment for Zsofi's upcoming language courses.

After Zsofi went travelling I then took lessons with Balazs. By this point I was capably of teaching myself most grammatical concepts, and so my lessons with Balazs took a more conversational approach. He would set me a essay for homework and then the next week we would dissect my errors. Balazs was tough with me, something I respect and need from a teacher.

Ági.... of the examples

You may have seen in this site that most examples that require a person's name use the name Ági. Who is this person? Why could I not think of more names?

Ágnes is the girl who inspired all that you see. Without her, my evenings would have been wasted on TV. It was she who inspired me to learn the language. She in an amazing woman, one of the few people with whom conversation about any subject is fascinating, in fact she is the most interesting person I know; she is smart, hard-working, funny and so sweet; she is fun-loving but level-headed and sensible; and it mustn't go unsaid that she is jaw-droppingly good looking.

She is every, not least this, man's dream woman; and for this reason anyone wanting to set himself apart from the many other suitors must go the extra mile. The mile I hoped to walk was to learn her native language.

I wish Ágnes every happiness in love, every success in finding a man worthy of her, and wish her the best in life.

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