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Hungarian courses online

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Aaron Rubin's Hungarian language course

A great, albeit unfinished, course. It contains six lessons, with grammar and vocabulary sections in each.

Matt Garrett's Hungarian studies 103

Another great, albeit unfinished, course, this time with lots of sound files. It contains nine lessons, and has great coverage of possessions and the past tense. It also has review chapters, and self-test quizzes. Very good.


This is a comprehensive site that tailors to teachers, not students. It provides resources for teachers to use with their students. The resources are not suitable for the solo student because they are too difficult. If one cannot even understand the objectives of a lesson then one has no hope of understanding the content.

It does contain a few useful pages regarding pronouncation, includind sounds files. It's helpful to see the side-by-side comparison of different vowels, for example.

Tamás Turányi's page on verbs

A single page that explains how each verb can have thousands of different versions, because of the conjugation and verbal particals.


An awful looking site with some good content, split into beginner, intermediate and advanced sections. Very helpful is a set of congugation tables and some sound files.

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