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Hungarian Terminative case: -ig

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Latin Name English role Endings Demonstrative Pronouns Personal Pronouns
Terminative until, as far as
  • -ig
Vowel harmony
  • eddig
  • addig

As far as, until

This is used to mean "as far as...", "until". For example:

  • kilencig or kilenc óráig until 9 (o'clock)
  • megyek a folyóig I'm going as far as the river
  • itt leszek két hétig I will be here for two weeks (until two weeks)

Until when?

Some more common uses are in the demonstrative pronouns and the question: Remember how most English wh- question words are m- in Hungarian.....

  • meddig? until when?
  • ez + -ig = eddig until this (time) = until now
  • az + -ig = addig until that (time) = until then

It's one of the few endings that has just one form, there are no options for vowel harmony. All nouns, no matter their harmonious character, take the ending -ig.

Another useful word is sokáig for a long time. This is dissected as "sok" (much, many) plus the terminative ending -ig.

Online translator - through

I have seen that some translators try to use the American style or showing a time-span, using the word "through". The phrase "I will be here for three days" may be translated as "Három napon keresztül itt leszek" which actually means "I will be here through three days." This isn't the same.

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