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Making nouns from verbs with -mány

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Verbs can be turned into nouns using -mány/mény, -vány/vény or -ny. The noun we create usually expresses the result of the activity described by the base noun. Sometimes there is a link vowel before this ending.

Here are some examples:

  • tud (to) know
  • tudomány knowledge
  • remél (to) hope
  • remény hope (noun), expectation
  • ás dig
  • ásva dug (see the section on participles)
  • ásvány mineral
  • séta (to) stroll
  • sétány (a) stroll
  • süt (to) cook, bake
  • sütemény (a) cookie (biscuit)
  • küld (to)send
  • küldemény (a) shipment, consignment

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